As a mad scientist, Chrissy spends her time experimenting, and often gets asked what she does for a living. Her answer is usually dental hygienist, since that seems to end the line of questioning with a vague “eewww.” Speaking in person, however, will likely lead to the conclusion that she is some sort of HAZMAT certified, danger-seeking nerd.
     Frustrated by the conflicting gardening information for Central Florida, Chrissy is a single parent, part permie, part survivalist homesteader, who created her blog to clarify information about many native and non-native local plants. Her blog also features fodder and food forestry information for Central Florida. A Girl Raised in the South, living the frugal life in a place hotter than most men can handle. No topic too dangerous, her 2/10ths of an acre provides enough inspiration for such topics as: urban farming, gardening, water gardening, philosophy, economy, frugality, small livestock, cooking, soaping, natural dyes, solar cooking, fermentation, prepping, food storage, and so much more.

Name: Tentance
Location: West Central Florida, not far from the beach.
Interests: Useful Chemistry, Botany, and Animal Sciences
Occupation: Long story. Ask me in person!
Other details: Parent to a little girl, pregnant with a little boy. Homeowner. Perennial gardener. One cat, two birds, two fish, some rabbits, some frogs, with no interactive breeding of animals at the moment.

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