How to Clone your Basil, Part 1 of 3

You may be wondering how to stay productive with your growies during the heat of summer. UofF IFAS recommends to do no planting or transplanting during the month of July, likely due to the high temperatures and extremely intermittent rainfall. In August, it would be acceptable to plant some seeds indoors for later transplanting outside, if you are into that sort of thing. Me, I would rather reproduce the growies that are successful asexually indoors during July, particularly growies like this delicious basil that I started from seed earlier this year.
This is a picture of the basil cuttings in my clone bucket, a miniature aeroponic system that bathes the stems in a constant mist. I had previously modified the sprayer head to produce finer misting particles, and once it was loaded with water and a pinch of rooting hormone it was ready to go. Also, the plants won't need light, so the clone bucket is tucked into my fairly dark kitchen where I can keep an eye on it.
Have you ever started cuttings in water, using this method or any other method?

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