Chrissy Hibiscus'seed?

     As an aside, I am secretly envious of David's home nursery. I definitely have decided I want to do that with some of my not-so-spare time. There needs to be more permaculture nurseries, and I want to grow and maybe market edible plants and their cousins, edible ornamental plants. I'd like to grow it from the roots up, slowly, potting up my extras and offshoots.

     It's just so fun propagating plants, and so useful if the plants can be used as a survival food source. I even have family support on this kind of endeavor.
     And when I think about how much it would cost to turn my tiny yard into a food forest with plants from the big box stores, I shudder in horror. I have no access to that kind of money at the moment, and wouldn't choose to blow that much on plants anyway. Even if a person had the money, there is no place selling all the varieties of edible plants that grow well in this area, a place where freezes do occasionally happen but there are so many plants that can tolerate it. Much more possibilities than up north, even more possibilities than north Florida.
     To be a public figure in the plant world, I would have to specialize. I would make myself known, preferably by propagating and growing out many many hibiscus' and taking them all over the state like Johnny Appleseed. Chrissy Hibiscus'seed? Awesome!  Chrissy the mad hibiscus maven. What would I name my nursery? Maybe Sandy's Edible Yard. or Sandlot Plants. Sandy (the Hibiscus Maven)'s Edible Plants.  Hmmm...

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