Backyard Green Smoothie Recipe

1 loquat leaf
4 red hibiscus leaves
4 hibiscus leaves
6 lemon leaves
1/2 ginger leaf
rosemary - greens from one sprig 4" long
1-2 cups cold water

optional : canna - no added flavor, no significant nutrition
     lemongrass - tasty but adds a real "grassy" flavor

     Directions - add all ingredients to blender and blend on high for at least 30 seconds. There should be enough blending that a foam is created on the top, which quickly dissipates. Then pour through a strainer into a large enough jar to hold your smoothie, which should be enjoyed immediately or refrigerated and enjoyed within about 3 days. Take the strained contents to the compost heap, give to the rabbits now, or freeze into cubes for treats for the rabbits later.

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