Knotty Pots Method for Making Pots

     I don't really recommend using heavy planters in hanging baskets. After all, this is Florida, and we are known for having high winds during the rainy season.
     However, I am all for using your own creativity to beautify your house and home. This is the tutorial from the original Knotty Pots book for making planters from molding plaster, which is probably plaster of paris. She has some recommendations for adding simple textures, painting, and sealing the planters.
     The third image has her advice for making beads from the same plaster.
     I have no personal experience with molding plaster planters, but there is a lot of information on the internet about molding hypertufa, which would be much lighter (and more fragile) for a hanging planter. Perhaps smaller, thicker plaster planters would be more sturdy.
     Make sure you read my disclaimer about these images before you start, here. These images are provided for informational purposes only, and I am not profiting from them in any way.

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