Exerpt from a School Assignment

     When our ancestors came to colonize / farm / homestead / practice religious freedoms / explore other pursuits here in North America, they mercilessly slaughtered and subjugated the local people, eventually pushing them onto small pieces of land in seemingly uninhabitable areas. Our local natives were wiped out by biological attacks (perhaps unintentional, but who can say?) and then pushed into the thick swamps of the Everglades, places where no conventional buildings or farms could be placed. Their historic homes, our freshwater springs, were turned into tourist attractions and high-dollar housing, though our state has been slowly buying back the springheads. And we generously (guiltily?) allow them to operate casinos in our cities.
     So... then we have the half of the one percent that controls the economy of the United States. And then we have the people paying the majority of the taxes that run our government, and that turns out to be about 20% of the population that resides in the middle and upper middle class. This group can be colorfully referred to as the Debt/Tax Serfs that finance the status quo. The 1% pays very little of our taxes. Everyone always thinks that we should tax the rich more, and whenever a country takes that tactic, the smart rich simply leave that country and diversify themselves.
     More than 9 million people are on (paid) disability from the office of Social Security. The number grows by about 3% every year, so next year we will have about 300,000 more people on disability than this year. How does that number continue to increase when our population is relatively stable? To put that 9 million into perspective, the combined population of Pasco and Hernando County is about 640,000 people or 7% of 9 million. So everyone you personally interact in a day, week, or year, is less than the number of people receiving government aid.
     It is imperative to understand that no one in the government cares about the average people. In fact, it would be in their best interests if large segments of our population were to die out, so as to make life better for the elites. We are not in Perikles’s Athens, we are part of a global society. And we are largely consumers instead of producers, which is a problem for the American citizenry’s continuing well-being.
     So what is the solution, what’s the answer, how can we solve this? One solution is “to renounce debt, go off the financial grid, and escape serfdom by fashioning a low-cost lifestyle in the cash economy. At what point do productive people tire of supporting parasitic financial and political Elites and millions of people who aren't working themselves to the bone to pay taxes and service debt?” Another solution is to turn from consumer to producer as much as possible. Another idea is move more toward a barter economy, which disallows much taxation.

     Perhaps personal aspirations should be much more important to most people’s career than corporate aspirations. Check out what this Lakota tribes-woman is doing to help her people. The work is absolutely inspiring.

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