Privet, Ligustrum japonicum

Uses: Xeriscaping, Wildlife. Native to: Japan
     This exotic shrub is widely planted as a privacy hedge. It should be considered for other reasons though, because it is very attractive to birds, bees, and butterflies. It grows very well in sand and full sun.
     Although a member of the olive family, all parts are known to be toxic. I am unable to find actual research on this, and relatives of this plant have been found to kill horses.
     Not a native, but not an invasive either. Despite statements made on gardening websites, the State of Florida officially has not found privet in undisturbed areas, so it is considered a safe non-native. I would definitely landscape with this and other plants if I was attempting to xeriscape a property. I would concur with IFAS on this one; Ligustrum does not reseed as others say it does.
     Members of the Ligustrum family have been used in Europe for adding natural color to clothing.

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