Easter Eggs Done Right

Technique 1: Get Some Eggs from some chickens.

     Boil the eggs in with your dye solution, generally with vinegar added to mordant the colors to the eggshell.  Let the eggs cool in the dye solution, overnight is ok. Wrapping onion skin around the egg will make a marbling effect. Secure any stickers or flowers by wrapping the individual egg in nylon or cheesecloth. Speckle eggs by adding oil to the dye bath.
     Pictured here from left to right: orange marbling with yellow onion skins, wrapped and boiled, yellow egg dye made with celery and Bidens alba / Tradescantia flowers, blue egg dye made with purple cabbage and Tradescantia flowers, orange and purple marbling with yellow and red onion skins, wrapped and boiled.

  • Red Cabbage - Bright Blue
  • Beets - Pink
  • Yellow Onion Skins - Orange
  • Turmeric/Saffron, Celery Leaves - Yellow
  • Grape Juice - Bluish Purple
  • Grass/Sedge Leaves - Green
  • Cranberries - Pale Pink
  • Blackberries - Pale Purple

Technique 2: Get your eggs from some rabbits.

Technique 3: After the rabbits hides your eggs, send the kids out to find them and then prepare Die Eier von Satan (Deviled Eggs).

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