This property in US Hwy 19 has finally been sold to a retail business called Rural King. Yay, jobs for the unemployed, and a convenient source of animal feed. I'm so excited about what kind of goods they are going to offer.
     Again, a fortuitous business deal. Hernando County has recently legalized backyard chickens and Rural King will, no doubt, be the only chicken supply store on the West Side.
     On a completely other side note, I have accidentally run into two chatty young men in the last few months who are interested in opening their own local food restaurants. One was a transplant from New Jersey (surprise surprise) that I met at a local council meeting and another was a chatty young (maybe 20) waiter at a local restaurant. Both are interested in my rabbits. The Yank plans on getting his veggies from Dade City and his meats from a farm in Brooksville. The waiter is still in the planning stages, which is cool.
    Barbecue rabbit with orange sauce...local foods...


Survival Gardener, AKA David the Good said...

Very cool. Wonder if you can also sell them mealworms?

chrissy bauman said...

Mealworms for their restaurants? apple snails might be tastier :)