Pink Purslane, Portulaca pilosa, Kiss-Me-Quick

Useful for : Forage, Food, Xeriscaping, Groundcover. Native to : Southeast United States
     This diminutive succulent is an annual in West Florida. Every spring the little plant appears from tiny black seeds the size of poppy seeds in bare sands on roadsides and poor soils. It's fleshy leaves allow it to store water so as to thrive where other plants cannot. The tiny flowers are beautiful on closer inspection.

     The nutrititional value of the purslanes are well documented. The plants are high in vitamins and omega 3. Native Americans used the plants for its medicinal value as well. It has anti-inflammatory properties and was used to treat fevers and as a poultice for burns.
     Its diminutive size and drought-tolerance would make this little plant perfect for a rock garden.

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