What is a scrubland?

     A Scrubland (pronounced scrub - land) is an area of forest that experiences periodic drought. This type of biodome usually has short trees, bushes, and herbs, without the larger animals that wetter lands can produce. Spring Hill is part of a much larger scrubland forest that covers the west coast of Florida from Pasco County through northern Citrus. Though the area was once dotted with lowlands and lakes, a great deal of urban development and groundwater pumping has changed the landscape to sandy grasslands and thick palmetto forests. The area is an ever changing reminder that humans love change.
     It is a food desert. There are no food production operations near US highway 19, the oldest and most well-known thoroughfare. West of the highway is floodzone with thick forests nd murky sawgrass beaches. East of the highway are houses as far as the eye can see, beyond that lie cattle pastures and privately owned preserve land, some of which are limestone mines.
     It is my wish to investigate, research, plan, culture, cultivate, propagate, and teach growing and foraging practices that can turn this food desert into a bastion of edible and useful plants. Possibly even one plant at a time.

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